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Natalia P.

Nov 15, 2021

Friendly, diligent and caring, Michelle is a wonderful lawyer who is there at every step of the way during your immigration process or legal process. She is honest and gives the best advice for her clients in regards to the best options available and their related costs. She showed great care for our process and was available for any questions we had. Our process with her was exactly what she explained to us during our consultation and the costs were amazingly reasonable! In sum, what makes Michelle a unique professional and lawyer is her sense of caring for her clients and of understanding. Many legal processes can be stressful and long, but having a diligent and friendly professional to guide you makes a huge difference.

My general experience working with Michelle was excellent. She handled our process smoothly and helped us to feel calmed at all times, even after a personal loss in my family. She reassured us the pros about our case, answered all of our concerns and read in detail every document before submission. I felt secured and confident working with Michelle because she took the time to explain every detail of our process and went above and beyond during hard times.

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